Outdoor Living / Hardscapes

We build outdoor living spaces, courtyards, patios, retaining walls, fire pits, or outdoor kitchens. Let us help you transform your home into the gathering place for friends and family during the spring, summer, and fall. We can help visualize your dreams and would be happy to speak with you about your hardscape project!

Stone Pointing & Restoration

Quality brick and stone work is designed and built to last. Constant exposure to the elements can damage the mortar which holds your bricks/stones together. If the mortar of your home or chimney’s masonry has become damaged over time, the entire structure does not necessarily need to be rebuilt. Instead, pointing may be performed to extend the life of your masonry!

Stucco Application

Stucco can last years if it’s professionally maintained. Regular maintenance helps prevent significant damage and costly repairs down the road. We have several highly skilled, stucco masons on staff. These experienced craftsmen specialize in patching, custom trowel finishes and texture coat repairs.

Structure Stabilization

Stabilizing or strengthening masonry is a delicate task. Maintaining safety during the restoration process requires the resources, technical expertise, and trained personnel that Jamison specializes in.

Structural Caulking and Cleaning

Defend your home against the elements. Below-grade waterproofing with surface specific caulking and sealants will protect your property from water intrusion. Surface cleaning is critical for overall appearance and it removes the source of potentially damaging elements

Concrete Construction And Repair

Early maintenance and repair of aging/damaged concrete structures saves time and money. Call Jamison today and eliminate pitting, cracking and other safety hazards while maintaining the beauty of your home for years to come.